College of Santa Fe Auditory Theory

Video Demos

Starring Dr Richard E Berg


About these Videos: A broadband connection is recommended although not required if you have the patience. Having downloaded once these videos will start almost instantaneously on subsequent plays. The loading progress bar displays the loading of 1/2 of the video. If your connection speed varies then playback may be interrupted on the first play. However subsequent plays will be perfect.

  1. Frequency, Amplitude and Tone Quality
  2. Damped and Driven Oscillation- Resonance
  3. Coupled Oscillations
  4. Glass breaking with sound resonance
  5. Bell in a vacuum
  6. Speed of sound
  7. Reflection from a concave surface
  8. Refraction - Sound Lens
  9. Interference
  10. Diffraction
  11. Doppler Effect
  12. Beats
  13. Shive Wave Machine - Standing waves
  14. Standing sound waves
  15. Reflection of Pulses
  16. The overtone series
  17. Standing waves in a string
  18. Mersennes Law
  19. Standing waves in air columns
  20. Basic trumpet acoustics
  21. Chladni Plates
  22. Fourrier Synthesis
  23. Fourrier Analysis
  24. Resonance curves
  25. Modulation
  26. Musical Synthesizer Fundamentals
  27. Vocal Formants
  28. Audio Spectrograms
  29. Effect of Gas on Voice

Other Videos

Time Frequency Domains