Duel at Dawn
As told by Eddie Bellord
Happened around: 1966
As far as I remember the duel took place at dawn in Christ Church Meadow sometime in early 1966. It was hatched up in Mike's rooms in Peckwater the previous evening as a "gimmick" to extract money from the national press to pay for a sumptuous dinner in the Oscar Wilde Rooms at Magdalen. The duellists were Mike and me, and others present, predominantly OGs at either Oxford or Cambridge, included the late John Murphy, Colin Gleadell and Nick Kittoe, who dealt with the press and photographers and extracted the moolah from them.

I don't recall whether Mike got into any trouble, but I was given a ticking off by the Dean of Wadham and made to present a copy of "The History of the Duel" to the college library by way of a penalty. Despite the law of "double jeopardy" I was also hauled before the Proctors at the Clarendon Building, given a dressing-down and fined a really quite small amount.

The subsequent dinner at Magdalen was excellent !