Wedding Balls
As told by Charles Feilding
Happened around: 1982
In June 1982 April and I came to England for the purpose of getting married in Rugby followed by a Blessing in St Edith's - the church in Monk's Kirby Warwickshire. Because we both worked we left Florida on Friday night and arrived bleary eyed on Saturday morning. Mike met us at Gatwick and hustled us into the car explaining that we had to get to the registrar in Rugby before noon. Then followed one of the most terrifying rides of my life as Mike sought the outer edge of performance available in a Ford Cortina. He did however push it hard enough to leave time for a sharpener in the local before engaging with the Rugby registrar.

We got to Rugby just in time and rushed upstairs to see the registrar. It soon became apparent that all was not going well and we soon heard raised voices and words like "Lord Denbigh" and "50 quid" coming through the wall. Eventually Mike emerged flushed but happy and the ceremony went on as planned.
Only afterwards in the pub did he reveal that the Rugby Registrar was of a conservative bent and didn't fancy the Florida divorce certificate I had brought with me. It took Mike's best persuasive powers (and I suspect 50 quid) to convince him that this was not a Las Vegas quickie divorce but was in fact a legal document.
Anyway we made it and got married but it was yet another debt I owed to my beloved brother. He never asked for the money back or anything - though he did love telling the story.