The Grand Canyon
As told by Charles Feilding
Happened around: 1968
In 1966 Mike and Willy Pelly were going around the US - at first in an old Lincoln called Abe and then on motorcycles when Abe died. When they got to Flagstaff Arizona they decided to turn north for a quick visit to the Grand Canyon. Alas Mike fell asleep on the bike and crashed breaking his collar bone. An ambulance driver from Ash Forks picked him up and took him back to Flagstaff from whence he was shipped back to Blighty.

Being a pestilential younger brother I was making a similar trip (also on a motorcycle) in 1968 except in the opposite direction. Being unable to resist the temptation of sending Mike a snotty postcard from the Grand Canyon I also turned north and as the evening light faded I ran into a cow at 70 mph. As it happened the same ambulance drive from Ash Forks that picked Mike up also picked me up and to my astonishment showed me showed me Mike's pickup record from two years earlier.

In 2004 Mike and Linnet came to stay in Santa Fe and being only a day's drive from Flasgstaff we rented the largest hunk of American metal we could find - a Lincoln Navigator - and set out for the canyon together. With luck and Detroit on our side we finally made it in one piece.You can find a picture of Mike's face on this site.