Mike Feilding 1946-2008

Coathanger Engineering 101
Harley with coathangers
If it could be done with coat hangers Mike would do it with coat hangers.
Most of his theoretical Physics Studies at Oxford were centered around coat hangers.
While other physicists worked on string theory Miked worked on wire theory.
He proved that although coat hangers are not the basic building blocks
of the universe they are what held the basic blocks of the universe together.

Another Fine Dinner
Glebe Place

England swings
Mike and Melissa swinging


Mike in a typical pose during another fantastic meal

The Museum was shut
Pausing for breath before hiking back to the hotel

Mike and Mum at the Cottage

Having a Fling

Mike being Merry
Mike was given to merriment!

Another fine Dinner
Thanks to Linnet!

The Grand Canyon
Mike and Linnet freezing

The Sue nation
There once were a people call Sioux
Who spent all their time making shioux
But they did not make them to uioux
Oh no they just sold them for biuox

Sharpener m'lud?
Another familiar pose
Mike's generosity was legend and he never stinted at 6pm.

Not a poofta
Definitely not - good impression though

Three Musketeers
Aramis, Porthos and Cecil B. De Mille

Dont mess with a moose with a sore head
Ok its possible Photoshop had something to do with this one..

Smiling Mike
Mike loved to smile - he did it a lot

Mike and April

Mike and Linnet

Most of us
Drinks at the Cottage
Not the whole family but a lot of it. Drinks in the evening at the Cottage wer as good as it got.

At the summer House

Careful Moriarty
Devilishness is afoot

Moe bottles!

The brothers getting Charlie to the Church on time
Wedding to Jeanne Tanzillo
Without Mike Charlie would never have made it - and of course he was the only one with a morning suit

Mike and Raffles
The only dog I ever knew that could climb trees

Mike with cracker spoils
Is it just me or does he look a lot like Gordon Brown in this picture?

Mike on his Harley
The Harley Face
The apocalyptic look was often worn in anticipation of brake failure

Mum and Dad

wedding march


Loretto Chapel Santa Fe

The many faces of Mike
This one's a beaut!

Eye Eye!

One whitebait too many?

Madrid Station
Mike, LIzzie, Helen and Andy Varah

Mike and Mona
Mike Mona and a naked girl
Broken machinery and naked women surrounded him at every turn

Realxing below the Alhambra!

Mike and me drinking
A familiar pose to a Feilding

Mike at Grand Canyon
After 40 years we finally got there
In 1966 Mike tried to get to the Grand Canyon but fell asleep on his motorbike and broke his collarbone.
In 1968 Charlie tried and ran his motorbike into a cow.
In 2004 we rented the biggest SUV we could find and finally made it.

Los Alamos
Fat man and little boy
You work it out. I have no comment