MIDI Controller Numbers
The table below presents a summary of the MIDI Standard Controller codes in decimal and hexadecimal (h) form.
DecimalHexController Name Application
000hBank Select (Controller # 32 more commonly used) Used to reach programs above 127
101hModulation Wheel Vibrato, tremolo
202hBreath Contoller Wind controllers
404hFoot Controller Assignable footswitch
505hPortamento Time Glide time
606hData Entry MSB Data Entry slider
707hMain Volume Volume control (at end of signal chain)
808hBalance Changes stereo position but not Pan
100AhPan Panning
110Bh0Ch Volume control at start of signal chain
120ChEffect Control 1 Assignable effect
130DhEffect Control 2 Assignable effect
16-1910-13hGeneral Purpose Controllers (Nos. 1-4)  
32-6320-3FhLSB for Controllers 0-31 (rarely implemented)  
6440hDamper Pedal (Sustain) [Data Byte of 0-63=0ff, 64-127=On] Sustain Pedal for Piano
6541hPortamento Glide
6642hSostenuto Sustain of held notes
6743hSoft Pedal Soft Pedal
6844hLegato Footswitch  
6945hHold 2  
7046hSound Controller 1 (default: Sound Variation) Yamaha XG controllers - Variation
7147hSound Controller 2 (default: Timbre/Harmonic Content) Yamaha XG controllers - Resonance
7248hSound Controller 3 (default: Release Time) Yamaha XG controllers - Release
7349hSound Controller 4 (default: Attack Time) Yamaha XG controllers - Attack
744AhSound Controller 5 (default: Brightness) Yamaha XG controllers - Cutoff
75-794B-4FhSound Controller 6-10 (no defaults)  
80-8350-53hGeneral Purpose Controllers (Nos. 5-8)  
8454hPortamento Control Engage portamento
915BhEffects 1 Depth (previously External Effects Depth)  
925ChEffects 2 Depth (previously Tremolo Depth)  
935DhEffects 3 Depth (previously Chorus Depth)  
945EhEffects 4 Depth (previously Detune Depth)  
955FhEffects 5 Depth (previously Phaser Depth)  
9660hData Increment  
9761hData Decrement  
9862hNon-Registered Parameter Number LSB  
9963hNon-Registered Parameter Number LSB  
10064hRegistered Parameter Number LSB  
10165hRegistered Parameter Number MSB  
Channel Mode Messages
12179hReset All Controllers  
1227AhLocal Control  
1237BhAll Notes Off  
1247ChOmni Off  
1257DhOmni On  
1267EhMono On (Poly Off)  
1277FhPoly On (Mono Off)